Our Mission

At its core, Merge Fitness, LLC is passionate about integrating people and groups through fitness to demonstrate that while our journeys may be different, we are all a part of one community. For many, the opportunity to improve their health and fitness seems out of reach. Merge Fitness, LLC wants to help you achieve your personal best physical fitness and connect you with others in the process! Programs are inclusive, designed around each client’s unique needs, goals and physical abilities. Having a background in physical therapy, greater knowledge and skill is afforded to the client, an element that sets Merge Fitness apart from its competitors.

We aim to provide inclusive in home personal training services for the beginner to the experienced and everything in between. Within the Merge Fitness community we have also trained and supported clients who have: Spinal Cord Injury, are Post Physical Therapy, other physical/neurological disabilities or are training for an event (even if that event is life!).

We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to improve their fitness. Merge Fitness was founded around the belief that regardless of physical ability level, if an individual desires to become a healthier, more physically capable version of themselves, then they should get the chance to pursue that goal!