Post-Thanksgiving Leftovers soup

#TastyTuesday So now the big meal is over and you open your fridge and see the leftovers. I’m all for reheating and going for round #2 when it comes to leftovers. But I also know there’s a small segment of the population who want nothing to do with leftovers (what is wrong with you people?!?!? :-P). So here’s a meet in the middle - use leftovers to recreate a new dish! Making turkey soup using leftover turkey meat, roasted root veggies (or fresh veggies if you and your guests gobbled up all the roasted veggies the day before because they were so amazing) and whatever other fun ideas you can come up with for yummy soup. Here’s a recipe that takes a bit of a spicy-mexican twist. It calls for chicken bouillon cubes, but to control the sodium you could just as easily use low sodium broth instead or…even better…make your own broth from the turkey carcass! MergeFitness #Imthankfulforsoup #Leftoversallday #AdaptiveFitness