MFMC Volume 4: the PERFECT turkey burger

Hello Everyone!

I’ve missed you. Sorry for the MIA-ness. Having family travel for a visit has been delightful. I couldn’t WAIT to share this recipe with all of you though. Introducing…the PERFECT Turkey Burger!

There, I said it. But that’s the gosh darn honest truth if you ask me. And besides, that’s the literal name of the recipe. Turkey burgers can be tricky, right? Sometimes too dry, sometimes too crumbly, sometimes overworked and tough, yikes, it can be difficult to get it JUST RIGHT. But I promise you, this one delivers on all fronts: juicy and flavorful, great texture, easy to assemble, the “you-can’t-mess-this-one-up” factor, and did I mention, packs a serious wallop in the TASTE department?


Don’t be tempted to just chop all the ingredients rather than use your food processor, mini chopper, blender, or whatever you have. It makes a difference! Instead of a chunky burger that could fall apart any second, processing the ingredients makes them a uniform size so the burger remains cohesive and not a mess on your grill. Chilling these babies down ahead of time also helps them stay together.


Toppings. Yes please! It’s recommended to use mayo, avocado, and dijon mustard. We’ve done all three every time and I promise you, it’s the trifecta of toppings on this yummy burger. So you don’t do mayo? No worries, just leave it off. It’ll still be just as delicious!

So if you’ve been waffling on your menu for the Fourth or you’d like something new to add into the rotation, or you’d like a lighter alternative to a beef burger - this one is your go-to! Give it a try and let me know how you like it. Oh and, you’re welcome! ;-)

The PERFECT Turkey Burger