MFMC Volume 7: Quit being mean!

Hey Everyone,

You heard me. Quit being mean! While this is a good general life principle to follow I’ll tell you how I meant it…

Quit being mean to yourself. 

Let’s be honest here for a moment - how many of us have had some really awful things to say to ourselves regarding how our body looks or functions?

Are any of you even listening to yourselves when you make those yucky comments? A common question I’ve asked clients is, “Would you say that to me about my _____(fill in the blank - hips, butt, neck, arms, etc.)?!” and the response is, “Heck no, that would be rude!” Ok…so if it’s rude to say it to me, why is it ok to say to yourself about you?

I am pretty tired of hearing that nasty talk coming out of your mouth. Thighs, hips, arms, butts, chests, necks, you name it - they do not have positive or negative value in and of themselves. What CAN impact their inherent “value” (appearance or function) is how you USE them - for positive, healthy benefits or negative, unhealthy detriment. Bottom line though, the choice is YOURS

Let’s take a look at an example of this: pick something….a hammer. There exists any number of hammers - many different sizes, various kinds, ones that are bigger and heavier, some that are smaller and lighter...are they good? Are they bad? You would say, “Of course not, they’re neither good nor bad. It’s just a hammer Kate.” And then I’d say, “Correct-o-mundo! It all depends on how you USE it, right? You could use a hammer to smash your thumb to smitherines. That would be bad. Or, you could use it to build a house. A much more positive benefit.” See what I am getting at???

We can use our bodies in a positive, healthy way by being physically active to make them strong and balanced while fueling them with smart food choices. Or we can use our bodies in an unhealthy, negative manner by making poor food choices and being inactive, hindering our bodies’ ability to function properly. The choice is YOURS.

So quit being mean to your body. These things are AMAZING, INCREDIBLE and PRECIOUS if we really stopped to think about all the things bodies do so we can move, breathe, squint, squeal, cry, squat, lift, think, giggle, digest food, fight infections, heal, grow...the list goes on! 

It’s up to you what you do with this awesome vessel you find yourself in. How do you want to use it? For positive, healthy benefits? Or negative, unhealthy detriment? The choice is YOURS