MFMC Volume 8: You say to-MAY-to...I say to-MAH-to

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe and this time of year here in the NE is PRIME tomato time. I literally love eating them fresh out of the garden, still warm from the summer sun. Two points I always try to emphasize when it comes to food are: buy local and eat fresh.

Support the local growers in your area: You won’t find a group of folks more passionate about where food comes from than those who make growing it their livelihood! A lot of farmers now offer CSA (community supported agriculture) shares that allow you to pay in advance and provides you with the freshest bounty each season has to offer. Without farmers our life would look much different, so support those near you!

Eat things that go bad: People are always trying out the latest diet fads, quick “fixes,” you name it, for the sake of “good health.” How about just trying to consume more of the things that can go bad? What I mean is, take in more (local, organic if that is an option) fruits and vegetables. Eat the rainbow, I’ve heard said before. The point is, produce has the most nutrients that our bodies need and typically a low caloric profile - the perfect option to optimize “good health” (as part of a balanced diet).

Here’s a recipe to get you started on both points and one that never ceases to satisfy me: Tomato Caprese Salad. Hit up one of your local farmers for some tomatoes and basil. Snag some mozzarella at your local grocer (or cheese shop if you’ve got a good one near you!) and go to town on this baby. It can be endlessly varied: add more veggies, change the dressing, put it over poultry! Skies the limit.

Stay local. Eat fresh!


In good health,


Recipe and photo courtesy cooking