MFMC Volume 6: Say Yes; Say No

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope your summer is going swimmingly! I wanted to take some time to write about a topic that is particularly applicable in my life right now in the hopes it would be applicable for yours as well.

We are in a stage of life right now that finds us saying “No” rather frequently. I find myself at times sounding like a broken record. I’ve been wondering lately - is there a better alternative?

So we’ve started saying “yes” to different options or opportunities. A redirect. A refocus. So far so good. Then I began wondering further - doesn’t this apply to many circumstances in life? What would that look like?


The commonly held attitude towards health, wellness and fitness is that to achieve those three qualities requires denying oneself from all of life’s pleasures and adhering to grueling fitness regimens.

Stop right there. What would it look like to redirect or refocus our efforts towards those three goals (health, wellness and fitness) that emphasize positive outcomes? Sounds like a better alternative to me! What if we took just five seconds to ponder the positive or negative consequences of our daily life decisions?

It might look something like this…

- Saying “no” to a sedentary lifestyle of watching TV at the end of the day for 20, 30, or 60 minutes and instead saying “yes” to being physically active during that time instead recognize that you’ll also be saying “YES!” to better body composition, improved functional capacity and very likely, more energy!

- Saying “yes” to routinely consuming more fresh produce, leaner proteins and increased water intake. This also means you’ll be reducing your risk for ("saying “NO!”) to Type 2 Diabetes, high Cholesterol, and elevated Blood Pressure. Sounds like a win!

- Saying “yes” to moving more frequently throughout the day at work also means saying “YES!” to increased occupational productivity and improved cognitive function, and saying “no” to injuries that can occur from overuse and poor ergonomics.

- Saying “no” to the fear of failure when trying a new activity or sport. That fear will only hold you back and never allow you to achieve your best health wellness and fitness. Say “YES!” instead to trying something new, being willing to learn how to improve and engaging with others in the process for support and camaraderie.

The better we become at saying “no” to choices that will produce negative consequences and fear, the more we can move in the direction of saying “YES!” to all that life has to offer.

Today is a new day, the start of a fresh week and the perfect opportunity to begin redirecting and re-focusing your efforts towards better health, wellness and fitness.

What does saying “YES!” to the positives in your life look like?

PS - this is the THIRD - yes you read that right, THIRD - attempt to get this blog post out. Life just gets crazy sometimes. Regardless, I’m going to keep saying “Yes” to the fitness, healthy living and wellness and sharing that with others as that is what I love to do.