MFMC Volume 9: Back in the game

Hi All!

I hope this post finds you well and embracing the gradual shift into Fall. For some that means new routines, for others it’s a welcome reprieve from the blazing temperatures of Summer. Whatever Fall means for you, I think the start of each new season brings an opportunity for reflection on the previous season as well as anticipation for what the season ahead holds in store.

For me, this past Summer represented a chance to practice grace, primarily for myself, as I explored the new role I found myself playing within our family. Fall then, brings forth anticipation of returning to some things I had put aside for a period, namely, jogging.

While I can’t lay claim to being the most natural of runners - quite the opposite - it does remind me each time I lace up of how I conquered something that in earlier years I had crossed off as an activity I “wasn’t meant to do.” Once I faced the question of, ”Well, why not?” and realized I had no solid answer, I pushed aside any remaining reservations and just started putting one foot in front of the other. And the only reason I’ve looked back since then is just to see how far I’ve come. Which is pretty far - from not being able to run for more than 20 seconds at a time to running my (FIRST) half marathon in 2016. That spurred me on even further to conquer another fear: swimming in open water. In 2017 I completed my (FIRST) triathlon, an event that, had you told me 3-4 years earlier that not only would I complete it but would very much look forward to doing another, I would have laughed HARD…and directly in your face.

So you can see how being able to tie up those laces once again held real hope, promise and excitement for me. I had tried a few months ago and still had some lingering pain. That took the wind out of my sails for a bit but last week I tried again and it was like putting on your favorite old sweatshirt. It was welcoming, comfortable and felt OH SO GOOD! I am thrilled to reunite with this part of myself and excited to see where my feet take me. I’m “back in the game”!

What does Fall represent for you? Is there something new you are excited to try? Or conversely, something from a long time ago you’re revisiting? Whatever this season means to you, take some time to reflect on this past summer and consider a way to get “back in the game” this Fall. I’d love to hear about it!

Never stop moving,