MFMC Volume 5: Matthew McConaughey has got it!

Hello all,

Just listened to a great speech by Matthew McConaughey that was super motivating. That guy can deliver a speech! The words he spoke though, ring of truth for all of us - how to define joy and success in our lives, identifying goals, priorities and minimizing excess, and using those things to help us understand who we are.

It’s ten minutes long but I’d encourage you to listen and then take ten more minutes to ponder your own answers to some of his questions.

What does success look like for you? How do you define it?

Can you recognize the difference in your life between happiness, which is temporary and fickle, and joy, which is lasting and deeply rooted?

What are your top 5 priorities?

What kind of excess gets in your way of pursuing your priorities?

How can you work to eliminate the excess and allow for greater focus on the list of priorities you just identified?

To briefly circle back to the mission of Merge Fitness, anyone can answer these questions, they are 100% inclusive. All abilities welcome!

Understand there is a very fluid element to our answers as we move through life. That’s ok, so long as we periodically reflect to see if anything has changed or needs change and adjusting our answers accordingly.

Success - regardless of how you define it - requires engagement. Action. Intent. A single step forward.

So I ask you - What’s your next step?

In complete transparency, I’ll tell you mine is a re-focus on my health. I cannot be the best version of myself for my family and clients if I am not putting an emphasis on being my healthiest self. While the past several months had seen an understandable shift in my priorities, I can see the pendulum slowly swinging back. It’s time to re-evaluate, re-arrange priorities a bit and reduce or eliminate the excess that gets in the way of my success.

I’d love to know your answers to the above questions if you are willing to share.

In good health,