MFMC Volume 2: Gather. Eat. Stay Awhile.

Hey Y’all,

I love that greeting. Thanks for checking back in for Volume 2 of the Merge Fitness Mom Chronicles. This week highlights a recipe - I’m not kidding when I say these are the BEST shrimp tacos EVER. We happened upon this recipe rather innocently. I literally googled, “best shrimp taco recipe” and BAM - POOF - SHAZOW. It appeared! Thank you to and @LenaAbraham for posting this recipe.


We’ve made these pretty much as written with two exceptions. First, we make homemade tortillas. I wanted to try my hand at it once and they turned out to be pretty easy AND DELICIOUS. Second, we use a local brand of “hot” sauce called Hank Sauce (our favorite is the herb infused). The flavor of it is awesome and when Hank’s started selling at our local grocery store…no lie, we bought all the bottles. Thanks @HankSauce in Sea Isle City, NJ for creating such great sauces!

These tacos hit all the right notes for a fantastic summertime grilling meal. They’re incredibly fresh tasting with the raw cabbage and avocado slaw and lime dressing, they’ve got great spice marinated into the shrimp (read: sub out chicken or white fish if you’re not a shrimp fan) from cumin and garlic and by grilling the protein, the whole dish remains light but still completely filling.

Some of the recipes I consider posting may not be the easiest or the quickest, but I guarantee they will deliver on flavor and satisfaction. I love saving a recipe like this for a weekend when I know we have a day at home and can make the various parts throughout the day and then bring it all together when we’re ready to eat. Make these tacos straight as is written or color outside the lines, there’s no real wrong answer. I love how cooking invites adventure in that way.

This makes me think of another aspect of cooking that I love - how it brings people together. Making memories (and sometimes delicious messes) with your clan, your crew, your girl pals, your guy pals, your “fam” (and there are all kinds) around a table, a kitchen island, a crate in the garage, a fire pit - WHATEVER that gets you eyeball to eyeball with them - isn’t that part of what life’s all about?

A few popular word signs nowadays for kitchens are the ones that say, “Gather” and “Eat” and “Stay Awhile.” So here’s the amazing recipe, go make it this weekend. Gather those you love for dinner, Eat together, laugh, drink and Stay Awhile!

Best Cilantro-Lime Shrimp Tacos