MFMC Volume 3: Head games

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for tuning in to the third volume of the Merge Fitness Mom Chronicles. How are you enjoying them so far? I’d love feedback from you - helps me know if I am posting relevant content. I hope your week is going well so far!


I’ve come to realize while running some errands that I’ve been operating lately in my mind as if in competition against some ticking time bomb. I need to get this done so that I can squeeze that in, or I can’t go there because of this thing, or since I have to run, run, run I’ll do that thing later… hurry, hurry, hurry… rush, rush, rush…and on and on it goes! It’s exhausting. I bet some of you can relate.

I understand that to a certain extent, this is part of the stage of life we are in right now. However, I need to recognize that the only one holding said theoretical time bomb is me. The degree to which I feel rushed, hurried, anxious, etc. is in large part on me. However, the great news is that it is also within my capacity to change that response! And now, more than ever, I am aware that someone else is watching my every move, action, reaction and response so I had better start figuring out how to exemplify the positive ones.

There is a series we are going through at church right now where one of the principles surrounding the teaching is: can you read yourself into the story and honestly consider your response? So I ask you - read yourself into my story - can you identify a head game you’ve been playing that isn’t having such a positive effect - do you compare yourself with others who are in “better” shape than you and so use that to justify putting your body down? Have you gone off track with healthy eating habits already once this week and so now are tempted to just abandon your efforts entirely? While my focus is directed towards health and fitness, there are numerous areas where head games can exist. What’s the negative game you play?

The great news is that it is within your capacity to change that response! This requires a diligent practice of fortitude. defines fortitude as, “Mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger, or temptation courageously.” Wow. Go back and reread that definition again.

So where does this strength come from? Practice. Repetition. Practice. Repetition. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. When we begin to recognize those negative head games starting in our minds we can then refuse to play and instead practice thoughts and internal dialogue that actually builds our self confidence, bolsters our personal motivation, or in my case, reminds me to throw the darn time bomb out the window and just enjoy life! If you’ve been wondering thus far in this post about the “why” that’s it, right there folks. If you recall in volume 1 I invited you join me on a journey and along the way discover how to love who you are in the process, well this is one giant step to getting there. Be nice to yourself, give yourself some grace and credit! And be honest about where your thought life needs some change to promote positivity instead of negativity.

Let’s play a new version of head games from now on, a version that consistently practices fortitude. It will take dedicated time and repeated effort as forging a new path always does. I’ll plan on circling back around to this topic in a few weeks and see how you’re doing and I’ll update you about how I’m doing as well.


Fail to plan; plan to fail

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to write and encourage each of you to give 5-10 minutes today thinking about what your week needs to look like in order to move forward towards your health and fitness goals. Do you need to schedule some early morning workouts or cardio sessions? If you have opportunity, can you carve out some time during your workday for a quick walk outside? Maybe the weekends are where you need to dedicate some time to exercise…the point is to give it thought and schedule it out. We are more likely to stay committed to the plan we have in place for our success if we can envision what it takes to get there each week!

The same principle can be applied to meal preparation and planning. Nate and I figure out on sundays what our lunches and dinners will look like for the week and then do one big shopping trip for as many of the groceries as we are able to purchase in advance. This cuts down on last minute dinner planning that could lead to take out or other less-than-ideal choices and allows us to plan for meals that are wholesome and healthy. Sunday just happens to be the day that works best for our family. Take some time today to consider how a little food preparation and planning could help you take healthier steps when it comes to your nutrition. Small steps taken now will pay BIG dividends later!

Let’s start this week with positive momentum in the right direction! You CAN do this! Not sure how to implement a plan that works for you? Ask me how today!

Have a GREAT week!

Apple Chips!

#TastyTuesday So last month we featured some TASTY Autumn-ish salads - this month we’re continuing with the Fall theme and running wild with APPLES which are just starting to come into season. It is always a good idea to try and take in the produce that is in season and if possible, by supporting local growers - chances are there are less chemicals involved in the growing process and the food is fresher because it has less distance to travel to get to you.

First Up - APPLE CHIPS…I mean, whoa. I’ve made these myself and let me tell you it quickly becomes a “I can’t have just one…” scenario. The recipe I’ve included does use sugar, but honestly, I didn’t use it before, the sweetness of the ripe apples is perfect. Sometimes it is better to let your food speak for itself! While these do take some time, it is super simple and a perfect option for those yard clean up days or Sunday afternoons on the couch watching football we have coming up.

We’d love to know what you think of these!!

I promise you will get addicted! But in a good…no GREAT way!

I promise you will get addicted! But in a good…no GREAT way!

Kale and Apple Salad

Fall may be here technically, but we’re still feeling the heat! Check out this tasty salad that can tickle your taste buds featuring produce that is just starting to make its debut this season! #MergeFitness #TastyTuesday #Fallsalads #FitnessforALLabilities

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Programming 101 - Part 1 of 3

Ever wonder what is going through the mind of a trainer when they tell you they’ve got a “program” ready for you? Here’s a “behind-the-scenes” look at what goes into making an effective, comprehensive client program.

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A bit of a rant on commericals

Hi Everyone,

Let's try this blog feature out and see how it goes! I've been seeing more and more commercials lately that are driving me crazy with subliminal messages that convey things like "You deserve this," or "You don't need to work that hard," "Let technology handle it." WHAT?!?

Why not encourage hard work to get the results or reach goals? Why not encourage recognition and rewards after good effort has put forth instead of "just because"? We have brains people, brilliant, creative, wonderful amazing minds at that! Let's use those instead of relying on technology so much!

Given the wide range of abilities in our clients, I can absolutely get on board with utilizing services and technologies that assist people in functioning more easily and efficiently in their world. My angst is not at all about how that can and should be used to help others. It is about the increasing tendency I see marketed towards attitudes of entitlement, downplaying initiative and drive, and reliance on technology versus self. 

If you have the cognitive ability to do the math in your head - GO FOR IT!

If you have the physical ability to vacuum your home - DO IT!

If you want that car, body, house, job (fill in the blank) - WORK FOR IT! It's not deserved just because you want it.

When we train our clients, they know pretty much from the start that achieving their goals is going to require hard work, consistency and dedication. It's earned. They use their minds to learn about exercise and how to do it right - technology not required. Nobody earned the fitness level they aspire to by wishing for it and then sitting on the couch with a bag of chips. Get moving! Whatever that looks like for you, just get moving. Not only will you discover that yes, you can achieve what you put your mind to, but boy oh boy, will it feel empowering when you get there! At Merge Fitness, we join you on that journey and celebrate with you every time you reach a goal - we even point out accomplishments you may not even have realized you achieved!

Let's reward honest effort, hard work, and using our brains until they hurt. Let's give high fives and big goofy smiles when we finally reach that goal we've been diligently chasing after. After all, you earned it!

Got the motive but not sure how to get started? Contact us today and we'll teach you how to use your mind and body to get going.