Personal Training Outside the Box

Merge Fitness provides mobile in-home fitness training for those who are 18+ years old and are committed to becoming healthier versions of themselves. Our programs are uniquely tailored to each clients goals and needs and can include a variety of elements:


Partner sessions and small group classes now available!

Strength training
"Core" stability
Balance training
High intensity interval training
Functional movement training
Injury prevention training
Post-injury rehabilitative training

We utilize whatever equipment and space a client has, supplementing with our own equipment as needed.


All Abilities and Bodies Welcome! 

If you find yourself wanting to improve your physical fitness level and don't know where to begin, Merge Fitness is the perfect solution. Regardless of whether you've been physically fit in the past and have fallen off the wagon or if you've never even gotten on the "wagon," Merge Fitness exercise professionals are here to show you how to get into a fitness level that is healthy, realistic and attainable. Commitment for the long haul is key, becoming a healthier you does not occur overnight! 

An element that sets Merge Fitness apart from its competitors is its commitment to bring fitness to clients of ALL ability levels. We recognize the great importance of improving and maintaining health and fitness in all kinds of bodies to reduce risk for injury and/or falls, maximize function and efficiency with ADL's, lower chronic disease risk, increase mobility and flexibility, advance cardiorespiratory status, and improve mood (to name a few!). 

With a background in physical therapy and experience with a variety of client populations, Merge Fitness is here to safely and appropriately challenge your body - whatever kind of body that might be!



Going beyond "Just personal training"...

At Merge Fitness, LLC we fully believe that there is more to client success than just personal fitness training. Other essential factors such as dietary counseling and medical care MUST play a role to facilitate the greatest success. We have developed a collaborative medical network with other healthcare professionals in the area who can help with nutrition counseling, physical therapy, primary and specialty care, etc. to ensure our clients best results!